Nikki is a Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered (NDTR) who has been working as a clinical consultant in the realm of long-term care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation for the past three(+) years. She has a background in acute care, weight loss/maintenance, and sales management. In addition to consulting, she is currently in a tedious nutrition and dietetics program with Rutgers University of New Jersey – chipping away at the required 1,200 minimum hours of supervised practice in order to pursue her goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). From there, Nikki aims to expand her education and credentials to specialize in a variety of arenas, and inevitably, pursue her own business venture.

Although she thoroughly enjoys the challenges of working in a clinical setting, her passion lies in nutrition-focused preventative care where she plans to continue endorsing, mentoring, and aiding in helping others reach and obtain their health goals through a more integrative and functional approach.

She believes it is important to build upon sturdy foundations; striving to only deliver the most current, reputable, evidence-based information when it comes to nutrition and overall wellness in hopes to educate others while cultivating confidence in nutrition-related topics and healthy relationships with food.

Promoting balance is her key approach to helping create improvements for those who seek change (in all stages of life), as it is important to make suitable, life-lasting changes that will be maintainable to endure a healthy lifestyle long-term.

She strives to encourage eating ‘real’, nutritious foods (sans any fad-diets or special products to lean upon), which inevitably cultivate better educated, prepared, and adaptable health-and-nutrition warriors.



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